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My backpack contains: file folder, iPad, masks, and my passport

As someone who tends to forget everything, I always have and hold the same things with me. Apart from my wallet, earphones, and keys on my two pockets, my bag has everything I need to take with me, whenever needed.

The file folder, as weird as it looks, has papers from last year, essential documents, and a wide range of sheets that I have no idea why I’m keeping them, though necessary regardless. The iPad is also essential since I use it for pretty much everything, except for long essays, which neither the folio keyboard nor the magic keyboard can do it. As much as I hate them, masks are required everywhere at Emory, which forces me to have additional masks with me in case I need one or others wanted one (since I have been in the same boat multiple times, where I either forget to bring a mask or lose it). Lastly, my passport has been in my backpack for over two years now. Even though, in several instances, this passport made me have to wait longer at airports (I wonder why?), I keep it with me at all times. It reminds me of home, traveling, and vacationing in the places I love.

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