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Parents and Dysfunction Reflection

For an assignment which, to me, was by far the most challenging and difficult, I chose to focus on what made sense to me the most from what we’ve learned and the pages that have had an effect on me. My thesis was that while Stitches was better in its choice of image, they were similar when it comes to their choice of moment and the flawlessness seen in the two pages. The similarity also lies in their upbringing. Therefore, comics was the solution for them to present their story the best way possible.

Annotating helped in making me think more about comics generally and the two pages more specifically. It made me think more critically about things that I would have just spent a second on otherwise. When it comes to the format, my English from the first place is not my strongest suit, so writing in the new format made it extremely more difficult. It changed primarily in making me revise the essay more and more. The assignment led me to shed light on topics that I would not think about. The single biggest thing I would say is how emotions/feelings could be displayed in a way much, much more effective than an actual movie.

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