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Lost Child of Arabia

As an 8-year-old addict of video games, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 significantly increased my addiction, causing me to wake up early and sleep late just to play as much time as humanly possible for an 8-year-old.

The game’s storyline, though fictional, has had massive effects on me as a child, especially given the messages it sends to its player base. In this sketch (which is hopefully considered as one), I try to portray the child version of myself, the fan of that game who consequently viewed the world in the eyes of the game, MW2.

The controller resembles my head (or at least is supposed to) and the rest of the drawing represents the way in which we were portrayed in the eyes of the game’s directors. The “Remember, No Russian” was added to mention a mission that is considered one of the most controversial ones in the history of game-making, where you join Makarov, the game’s villain, as a spy killing hundreds of civilians in an airport. Now, one could imagine how this played in an 8-year-old’s mind. Lastly, the blurriness in the mosque and the red white and blue on my (supposed-to-be) body are intended to show how lost I was as a child, viewing the world through the lenses of an average Joe.

p.s. this is my first drawing in such a very, very long time. To avoid its horrendous-ness try to view it as an idea and not as a sketch.